MA 405-001

Introduction to Linear Algebra

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Name: Michael Medvinsky
Lectures: MTWHF, 8:00am-9:30am , 150 Withers Hall
Office Hours: MTWHF, right after the class, or by appointment
Office: SAS 3266


MA 241 (MA 225 recommended); Corequisite: MA 341 is recommended

The course

This course offiers a rigorous treatment of linear algebra, including systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, abstract vector spaces, bases, linear independence, spanning sets, linear transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, similarity, inner product spaces, orthogonality and orthogonal bases, factorization of matrices. Compared with MA 305 Introductory Linear Algebra, more emphasis is placed on theory and proofs.

Credit is not allowed for both MA 305 and MA 405.


Linear Algebra with Application, Steven Leon, 9th ed.

Homework Assignments

  • HW1 , due Monday July 3


Dates are fixed. No make up test/exam will be given! Please plan your schedule around these dates now. (The links below are placeholders only, the actual files will appear right in time - eimal me ASAP if not.)
Test I Wednesday July 3 (in class)
Test II Monday July 15 (in class)
Test III Wednesday July 24 (in class)
Final Exam Thursday July 30 8am-11am(in class)

ADA Statement

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be provided for students with physical, sensory, cognitive, systemic, learning and psychiatric disabilities. Please contact me at the beginning of the semester to discuss any such accommodations for the course.

Copyright notice

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