MA 141-006 & 007, Calculus I

Name/Office Michael Medvinsky / SAS 3262
Office Hours: rigth after the class, by appointment or email
Section 6, RD450 Section 10, BR2211
Lectures: MWF 11:45am-12:35pm 12:50pm-1:40pm
Name/Office I Klein/3147 Andrew Murdza/SAS 3143
Office Hours: by appointment, or W 09:30-10:30am T H 6:00-7:00pm
F  02:00-03:00pm
Recitations T 11:45pm-12:35pm, RI 113
T 4:30pm-5:20pm, LMP 222, SAS 2235
T 1:55-2:45pm, LMP334


MA 111 or MA 108 with grade of C- or better (for alternatives see course descriptions here).


Franke, Griggs, and Norris, Calculus I for Engineers and Scientists, included with WebAssign.

The course

MA141 is the first of three semesters in calculus sequence. The goal of MA141 is to master the basic tools for the study of functions f(x)=y, and become skilled in its use for solving problems in science and engineering.

Course Outline

Moodle - used for announcements and to link automatically recorded lectures.


Each student will be enrolled in one of three Tuesday Recitation sections. Recitation classes will provide opportunities for reviews, help on homework, team work, practice. Recitations assignments will be worth 15% of your final grade grade given that you have submited at least 70% of the assignments.


All students must register online with WebAssign and pay the appropriate fees. Login to WebAssign use here. Due dates can be found on the WebAssign page. Do not procrastinate; start these early. Late submissions will not be accepted and no extensions will be given. WebAssign assignments will be worth 15\% of your final grade grade given that you have submited at least 70\% of the assignments.
Information about WebAssign

Attendance policy

Attendance will be taken each class. Attendance will be recorded, with no distinction made between excused and unexcused absences, except in the event of a missed test. If you miss class or are late, you are still responsible for all material covered and assignments due.
Attending less then 70% of the classes may negatively affect your course grade.

Reading and lectures

Prior to class meetings, students are expected to read the book, and to be prepared to discuss, course material in the text.

Lecturer Notes

Handouts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Here is the handouts, worksheets and also the notes I wrote for myself when I prepared for a similar class in U of U , you are welcome to have it (be careful, it may have mistakes).
Lecture Notes, Worksheets, Handouts

Here is also a non comprehensive collection of links that may help you to learn.


All the exams will take place in class. The exam dates and times can be found in the course callendar above.
Note: All the dates fixed and no make up test/exam will be given! Therefore, plan your schedule around these dates now. You will need 4 small and one big blue books, to be collected by TA before the Test I.

Practice Tests\Exam: Test I (Solution), Test II (Solution), Test III (Solution), Test IV (Solution), Final Exam (Solution) .


Provided that you attended at least 70% of the lessons\receitations and have submitted at least 70% of the asignments your grade will be determined by your scores on the tests (40%), the final exam (30%) and the assignments Recitations(15%) and WebAssign(15%).

Calculating your grade detail
  • Recitation or Webasign: if you had 10 assignments and submitted 7 for an average grade of 80 out of 100 - you contributed 80*0.15 = 12 out of 100 to your final frade. If you submitted more then 7 - only the best 7 will count toward the final grade.
  • Tests: if an average grade of the best 3 out of 4 tests is 80 out of 100 you contributed 80*0.4=32 to your final frade.

ADA Statement

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be provided for students with physical, sensory, cognitive, systemic, learning and psychiatric disabilities. Please contact me at the beginning of the semester to discuss any such accommodations for the course.

Copyright notice

All printed and electronic materials provided to you in this course are protected by copyright laws.  

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